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Spa Chemicals Explained

ClearSpa Water Sanitizer Range

Many different chemicals go into spas and hot tubs. Spa chemical usage is essential, not only for the health of your guests but also for the longevity of your spa equipment. Our blog post will explore some of the most popular spa chemicals available today, as well as their benefits to you and your spa!Read More

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Why are chlorine tablets so popular as a biocide

FAQ’s Sanitizers

What are the advantages of using chlorine tablets and why are chlorine tablets so popular as a biocide
Chlorine tablets will help maintain a healthy environment in your pool or spa, preventing bacteria and algae from growing.
– Chlorine is less expensive than other sanitizers, making them the most cost effective option for maintaining a healthy environment for your pool or spa.… Read More

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Global market for bromine hot tubs and pools

ClearSpa Bromine Tablets & Granules Range

Global market for bromine in hot tubs and pools – Industrial biocides like Bromine are used in many industries, but specifically in pools and hot tubs because they kill bacteria, algae, and other organisms that may disrupt the cleanliness. Bromine is a very popular choice for these two industries because it is one of the most effective and economical.… Read More