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Why are chlorine tablets so popular as a biocide

FAQ’s Sanitizers

What are the advantages of using chlorine tablets and why are chlorine tablets so popular as a biocide
Chlorine tablets will help maintain a healthy environment in your pool or spa, preventing bacteria and algae from growing.
– Chlorine is less expensive than other sanitizers, making them the most cost effective option for maintaining a healthy environment for your pool or spa.… Read More

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GB BPR Biocidal Product Regulations

The Biocidal Product Regulations 2008 (BPR) are a set of European Union law designed to strengthen the Biocidal Products Regulation which was enacted in 2004. The Biocidal Product Regulations 2008 (BPR) implement a new approval system, which simplifies the approval process for biocidal products.… Read More

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Consequences of not using BPR products

Should a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer that sells biocidal products don’t comply with BPR regulations, then the United Kingdom by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) can assess hefty fines on the violator, and it doesn’t stop there. The violator chain goes up through the manufacturer to the distributor to the retailer that provides the non-BPR-regulated products.… Read More