Water Sanitisers

ClearSpa™ water sanitisers range is what you need when it comes to water sanitation and hygiene so don’t miss out on a good thing by settling for less. We have all sorts of options available backed by years of research – let’s see what we have in store for you today!

Our ClearSpa™ range can take care of everything. From chlorinating your pool, spa, or hot tub to eradicating bacteria on contact.  We’ve got a clear choice for complete protection and peace of mind from those icky germs with our great selection of chlorine products!

ClearSpa™ Bromine Granules and Tablets work for any pool or spa, so feel good about ClearSpa™ range of bromine active ingredients that help your family enjoy a clean environment. Each product in the ClearSpa™ Range is incredibly effective; delivering easy-to-use solutions with great results. The Bromine Tablet Dispenser makes it hassle-free to sanitize your water.

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  • ClearSpa Chlorine Mini Tablet Range

    Chlorine Mini Tablets

    Sale! £14.48£168.60 Inc VAT
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  • ClearSpa Bromine Granules Range

    Hot Tub Bromine Granules BDCMH

    Sale! £16.18£210.60 Inc VAT
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  • ClearSpa Bromine Tablets Range

    Hot Tub Bromine Tablets 20g – Slow Dissolving

    Sale! £18.47£222.00 Inc VAT
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  • ClearSpa Water Sanitizer Range

    Stabilised Chlorine Granules SDIC

    Sale! £9.95£132.71 Inc VAT
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Showing all 4 results