Water Enhancers

Endless Sparkles, Endless Summer. With the ClearSpa™ range of water enhancers you’ll be able to pop in some of our products (p.s. always follow the instructions) and watch your hot tub turn into a sparkling paradise! Long gone are the days of murky, green spa, pool and hot tub water – now all you need is one of these easy solutions to keep your spa looking great for hours on end.

ClearSpa™ SPA No Foam – the perfect treatment for foaming problems in our concentrate form it will surely zap excessive foam.

For the first time, you can have spa water that is both clean and aesthetically pleasing. ClearSpa™ Sparkle works with your hot tub to purify your water while making it sparkle like never before. Say goodbye to overpriced chemical products with this amazing range, get yours today!

ClearSpa™ Scale Inhibitor is your go-to solution to keep hot tub water sparkling clean. It prevents scale build up, metal corrosion so you get the best experience possible.

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  • ClearSpa 1ltr & 5ltr No Foam Away

    Foam Away

    Sale! £9.89£21.90 Inc VAT
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  • ClearSpa Water Enhancers Range

    Sparkle Clarifier

    Sale! £10.99£28.87 Inc VAT
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  • ClearSpa Scale Inhibitor Range

    Water Scale Inhibitor No Scale

    Sale! £9.78£27.02 Inc VAT
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Showing all 3 results