Water Balancers for Hot Tubs & Spas

Need a little help with water balancing – pH Plus, pH Minus, Total Alkalinity or Calcium Hardness, for your spa water? Step in the ClearSpa™ hot tub & pool balancers range with products to help keep pH levels even and reduce scale! These treatments bring you a healthy environment for hours of relaxation.

Help keep the water in your spa at a perfect pH level along with our Total Alkalinity Increasers, pH Plus & Minus, and Calcium Hardness Increaser with ClearSpa™. With so many different options, you’ll surely find what’s right for you. Be prepared for all eventualities by putting these Water Balancers pH Plus, pH Minus, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness, which are simple solutions to add to your hot tub kit now!

Total alkalinity and pH are two crucial factors in the water chemistry of your pool or spa. Total alkalinity measures how much carbonate and bicarbonate in the water, while pH measures how acidic or basic the water is. Total alkalinity can be considered a buffer to help maintain a given pH level. This blog post will discuss Total Alkalinity vs pH and their roles in water chemistry!

  • pH Plus: Comprising sodium carbonate, pH Plus raises the pH level of your spa water. It helps prevent corrosiveness and ensures water is comfortable for the skin. While generally safe, overuse may lead to alkaline imbalance, which can cause skin and eye irritation.
  • pH Minus: Formulated with sodium bisulfate, pH Minus lowers the pH level, enhancing water comfort and clarity. It counteracts high pH levels, but excessive use can lead to acidity, potentially irritating skin and eyes. Use with caution.
  • Total Alkalinity Increasers: These products, typically containing sodium bicarbonate, help stabilize pH levels and prevent drastic fluctuations. They promote balanced water chemistry, ensuring a comfortable and safe soaking experience.
  • Calcium Hardness Increaser: Composed of calcium chloride, this product raises the calcium content in your spa water, safeguarding against corrosion of equipment and surfaces. However, excessive use can lead to water cloudiness. Follow usage instructions diligently.

So what does this all mean?! Total Alkalinity vs pH are two important factors when considering your pool/spa’s overall chemistry! The calculations involved may seem daunting at first, but don’t worry – our expert team has you covered, so you’ll be able to properly manage the water chemistry of your pool or spa in no time!

ClearSpa™ is like no other water treatment product! ClearSpa™ range helps to maintain, balance effortlessly, and control PH Levels for spas, pools & hot tubs. Maintain Chemical Residue Free Waters with the ClearSpa™ Product Range.

To ensure your hot tub is in the ideal range for each of your parameters, complete water testing with test strips, which will identify the ideal part per million or ppm range required.