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ClearSpa extensive range of hot tub chemicals have you cover for all your water treatment needs.

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ClearSpa is not just spa by nature as our range can also be utilised within a pool environment.

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ClearSpa full range of inflatable hot tub chemicals and starter kits are an ideal range to manage your water effectively.

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ClearSpa wide range of spa filters, pool filtration and inflatable spa filters ready to be shipped today.

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ClearSpa’s fast and efficient delivery service will ensure you get your order on time, next day delivery available.

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High Graded Chemicals & Support

ClearSpa Hot Tub Chemicals Pool Chemical range offers not only high-quality graded chemicals but the support to go with it.

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Quick Packing and Dispatch

With the ability to reach all corners of the U.K. there’s no reason why you should go short.

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Fast, efficient ordering process along with our next day delivery service is one you won't want to miss.

Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience with ClearSpa

ClearSpa, a trusted Spa Trade Group Brand, is dedicated to providing customers with a diverse selection of top-quality water treatment products. Our extensive range of products, including hot tub chemicals, pool chemicals, and spa essentials, are meticulously crafted and rigorously tested in the water treatment market. We pride ourselves on offering only the finest tools for maintaining your hot tub and pool.

ClearSpa Authorised Reseller

Would you like to opportunity to become an authorised reseller of our ClearSpa Brand, Head to our contact us page and drop us a message.

Unparalleled Range of Hot Tub Products

Our range of hot tub chemicals, which includes hot tub shock, hot tub cleaner, and organic contaminants solutions, caters to all your water treatment needs. With over 30 different hot tub-specific products, we are committed to offering you the most effective solutions for hot tub care and maintenance. Whether you're dealing with cloudy water, scale build-up, or harmful bacteria, ClearSpa has the right chemicals to address your concerns.

Expertise in Water Treatment

Our team of experts possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges that hot tubs and swimming pools encounter. From meticulous hot tub water maintenance to carefully balancing spa chemicals, we have you covered. Our specialized products, including chlorine granules, calcium hardness increaser, and non-chlorine shock, are tailored to guarantee that your water remains impeccably clean and clear. Trust us to safeguard the purity of your spa water and the integrity of your swimming pool.

Experience Effortless Water Treatment with ClearSpa

ClearSpa's advanced, fast-acting solutions revolutionize how you care for your water. Our range of water clarifiers, pH increasers, and alkalinity boosters are meticulously crafted to deliver swift and highly effective results. This means you can indulge in more quality time enjoying your hot tub, leaving behind the hassle and stress of maintenance. Say goodbye to prolonged upkeep and hello to crystal-clear, inviting water, thanks to ClearSpa's cutting-edge solutions.

Exclusive Offers for You

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By taking advantage of these exclusive deals, you'll not only enjoy substantial savings but also experience the exceptional quality that ClearSpa is renowned for. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have access to top-notch products at prices that remain competitive in the market. Discover the ClearSpa advantage today and pamper yourself and your aquatic oasis without breaking the bank.


Customer Testimonials

"Absolutely fantastic service and customer care, fast communication to help and advise and then when ordered the order came in super-fast time. Brilliant company to deal with will continue to use as our nominated supplier!"

"Great range of products, excellent turnaround time best by far."

"Wow, we own a holiday lodge park with 32 hot tubs, and the support, service, and products ranges have been amazing Thank you"

Immerse Yourself in the ClearSpa Advantage

When you choose ClearSpa, you're choosing excellence in water treatment. Our meticulously formulated total alkalinity solutions, pH decreasers, and hard water treatments are specifically crafted to ensure your water remains clean, brilliantly clear, and irresistibly inviting. Experience the transformative difference that ClearSpa brings to your aquatic oasis, and revel in the unmatched quality of water treatment we proudly provide. Trust us to elevate your water experience to a new level of purity and enjoyment.

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Choose ClearSpa for exceptional hot tub and pool care. Discover the difference today.

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ClearSpa takes pride in offering a comprehensive selection of water treatment products, including hot tub chemicals, filters, and testing kits, designed to cater to your needs.


With our convenient one-stop shop, you'll find everything you require to keep your hot tub and pool pristine. Coupled with our impeccable 100% customer satisfaction rating, you can trust us to deliver exceptional quality and service whenever you shop with us.


Explore our range today and experience the ClearSpa difference for yourself.

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Dedicated to Your Needs

At ClearSpa, we aim to go above and beyond in helping you discover the ideal product solution for your specific needs.


If you encounter any difficulties in finding what you're looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can either give us a call or utilize our convenient contact form. Rest assured, we will respond promptly and assist you in any way we can.


Your satisfaction remains at the forefront of our priorities. Trust ClearSpa to provide you with exceptional service and tailored solutions.

Your Not Alone

You're Never Alone with ClearSpa

Here at ClearSpa, we understand that managing your water effectively can sometimes be a daunting task. That's why our dedicated team has put in extensive effort to compile a comprehensive database of FAQs, informative blogs, practical training snippets, and in-depth training courses.


With these resources at your disposal, you'll always have a helping hand in navigating the intricacies of water maintenance. We're committed to providing you with the knowledge and tools to ensure your water stays clean, clear, and inviting. Trust ClearSpa to be your reliable partner in water management.