ClearSpa Chemicals

There’s a reason why ClearSpa hot tub chemicals are the go-to for taking care of your water treatment needs. With our specially designed range, you can rest assured that no matter what problem arises with your spa or pool, it will be handled quickly and affordably. From chlorine or bromine, pH plus, pH minus, total alkalinity increaser, calcium hardness and a host of water cleaners and spa water shock treatments – there is nothing our company doesn’t have!

Hot Tub Chemicals:

We have it all! Hot tubs aren’t just for winter; you can find everything you need in one place!
These days, many people are using hot tubs year-round to relax and unwind. However, as a hot tub owner, a hot tub is only as good as the chemicals inside of it. Suppose your water loses its balance of pH levels, chlorine, or any other chemical component that makes up a balanced water chemistry level. In that case, you will want to get more of them from us at ClearSpa hot tub & pool chemicals.

You can choose from our full line of spa water chemicals for your hot tub or pool online. We have all the major brands, including ClearSpa water care products, so you know what is best for your spa or pool without guessing which chemical will work with yours!

Hot Tub Water Chemicals:

If you’re looking for the best in hot tub water chemistry, then ClearSpa has your solution. At ClearSpa, we offer a full line of hot tub chemicals to help maintain balance and clarity in the spa or pool waters so you can relax! Whether it’s ph balancers like ph increaser, ph decreaser, total alkalinity, non chlorine shock treatment, calcium hardness increaser, either chlorine tablets/granules or bromine tablets/granules, we have it all, a full range of hot tub water chemicals in spades and not forgetting our other chemicals such as scale inhibitors, hot tub flush, spa sparkle and more.

Chemicals for Hot Tubs:

A hot tub is only as good as the water chemistry inside and regular hot tub maintenance. That’s why we offer all your favourite product lines so you can rest assured knowing that what you have in your spa or pool will work with our chemicals! Ensuring your killing bacteria, managing those organic contaminants and keep your hot tub clean, all whilst managing those spa chemical levels.

From pH to chlorine, our variety of chemicals for hot tubs will help you get the water in your spa or pool back into balance.