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Welcome to ClearPool Swimming Pool Chemicals – the easiest way to safeguard your swimming pool water come summer or winter! On the surface, it may seem daunting, and we understand how overwhelming it can be dealing with pH levels and calcium hardness in your pool, so we’re here to make life easier for our retail customers.

Our quality swimming pool chemicals and a full range of water treatment chemicals supply many essential solutions to keep your pool water clean, clear, and safe. There’s no getting away from the fact that swimming pool chemicals are essential.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Please choose from a range of swimming pool chemicals, such as chlorine tablets, granules, and algaecide. Our slow-dissolving chlorine granules ensure your swimming pool is disinfected, which offers protection from bacteria growth and algae.

They are also excellent for winterizing your pool, as they keep you supplied throughout the season. Plus, throw them into your skimmer basket for added convenience!

Swimming Pool Chemicals and Treatments

The simplest type of chemicals to use is pool chlorine tablets which come in two formats: Trichlor TCCA or Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets. Not only do these slowly dissolve and control your chemical levels, but it also gives you the desired results without guessing the dose amount because they are pre-measured.

Like our chlorine granules, chlorine tablets and chlorine multifunctional tablets protect against bacteria growth and provide longer-lasting effects than regular granules.

You don’t have to weigh out whenever you want to get your pool clean or regularly monitor it after dosing.

Swimming Pool Test Kit – Chemical Stock

Stock also available are testing agents such as phenol red tablets, a phenol red tablet changes colour when it comes in contact with pH levels in your pool water – no more guessing the colour change tells if the balance is off – check the colour change, so you know what needs to happen and dose with either pH Plus or Minus chemicals to balance your water!

For those needing more than chlorine, grab some algaecide to manage your swimming pool water and dose according to manufacturers’ guidelines; this chemical kills algae naturally and will help keep harmful contaminants away from your family and friends all day.

Range of Swimming Pool Chemicals & Pool Water Treatment

So look no further; Clear Pools stock has everything you need for vital swimming pool maintenance! With our many types of quality chemicals for treating an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, we have all the essentials to keep your swimming pool swim season worry-free – now let’s get splashing and enjoy your pool!

Chlorine is the UK’s range of choice for Pool Chemicals

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