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Global market for bromine hot tubs and pools

ClearSpa Bromine Tablets & Granules Range

Global market for bromine in hot tubs and pools – Industrial biocides like Bromine are used in many industries, but specifically in pools and hot tubs because they kill bacteria, algae, and other organisms that may disrupt the cleanliness. Bromine is a very popular choice for these two industries because it is one of the most effective and economical.

There are three main forms of Bromine:

Industrial Biocides are already widely used in pools, hot tubs, spas, and salt water systems.  The global market for bromine in hot tubs and pools market for industrial biocides is continuously growing because people everywhere want to keep their bodies clean and healthy without much effort, biocides like Bromine have taken over chlorine because of the efficiency, cost and ease of use. For example, Bromine is more eco-friendly than other pool biocides because it does not produce any waste or byproducts that could harm aquatic life .

Bromine also has a number of benefits:

  • Ease of use – Bromine can be mixed with water in a ratio of 2.5%, which is significantly less than other biocides like chlorine, which has a recommended level of chemical to water at 10%.
  • Highly effective – Bromine has greater contact times and numbers of substances it can kill as compared to chlorine. Bromine also does not corrode the equipment used in pools as chlorine does.
  • Bromine’s properties – allow it to be more effective at lower concentrations, which means less cost for pool or hot tub owners.
  • The revenue for bromine in the Industrial Biocides market is expected to be around $30.43 billion by 2022 and the highest yielding countries and producers of bromine are China, United States, and Japan.

Sales of Bromine in the United Kingdom 2021

The United Kingdom has a large market for Bromine. The revenues of Bromine in the UK have been at around $18 million since 2013. The sales of Bromine in the United Kingdom will be around $23 million in 2021. The highest volume of Bromine will be sold in the UK$18 million in 2021.

The largest segment accounted for about 72% of total revenue share, and is also expected to lead over the next eight years due its extensive use as a disinfectant in swimming pools & hot tubs.  The report analyzes this market across five major segments based on application, Bromine type, and geography.

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