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Why are chlorine tablets so popular as a biocide

FAQ’s Sanitizers

What are the advantages of using chlorine tablets and why are chlorine tablets so popular as a biocide
Chlorine tablets will help maintain a healthy environment in your pool or spa, preventing bacteria and algae from growing.
– Chlorine is less expensive than other sanitizers, making them the most cost effective option for maintaining a healthy environment for your pool or spa.
– Chlorine is available to buy as either granules or tablets, giving you the option of what to use depending on the type of water you are dealing with. For example if you have hard water then granular chlorine would be more suitable than using tablets.

What are the disadvantages of using chlorine tablets:

The disadvantages of using chlorine tablets are that they are not as powerful as the granules and they release an odor. The chloramines released by the chlorine tablets can also cause irritation to some people in he eyes, nose, and throat. The granules on the other hand have none of these disadvantages, because they are in a solid form you don’t get any chloramine released directly into the spa.

Many customers ask me what is a chlorine tablet? A chlorine tablet is a man made chemical that has been created to give you the advantages of using chlorine, but with out all the downside and disadvantages. All hot tubs need a biocide, this is for sanitizing your hot tub water, as there will be organic material in the air that lands into your hot tub via precipitation or airborne dust it can cause infections if not sanitized properly. Chlorine does this very well but it also gives off some side effects such as irritation to eyes skin and respiratory tracts.

The main issue is that chlorine vaporizes very quickly in water, and it can take a long time to get your hot tub up to the desired sanitization level. Chlorine tablets are made from sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione, this chemical has been proven to be safe for use around humans and animals as well as plants.

Chlorine tablets also have a life span of 3 years before they lose their potency, note how most granules last longer than 3 years.

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