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Why is Total Alkalinity so important in hot tubs or pools

ClearSpa Total Alkalinity Increaser Range

Total alkalinity is important in hot tubs and pools because it maintains the ideal pH level. Total Alkalinity, or TA, helps to prevent brown stains from forming on your pool walls and floor tiles. It also prevents these pesky corrosion problems that can suck all of the chemicals out of your system. Total Alkalinity maintenance will also help to keep your water surface free from foam and dirt. Total Alkalinity should be maintained at a range between 80-120ppm.

TA increasers are used to raise Total Alkalinity and is available in powder or liquid format. Total Chemical Solutions Total Alkalinity Increaser can be used for raising Total Alkalinity in Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Inflatable Spas and Pools.

Total Alkalinity increasers are both alkalinity increasers and pH increasers in one. This enables users to adjust Total Alkalinity levels without having to touch their pH level. Total Chemical Solutions offers an economical way of managing or raising your TA levels when compared to traditional Sodium Bicarbonate Booster or Calcium Carbonate products which can contain up to 50% fillers that provide no benefit.

Total Alkalinity is almost the same as Total Hardness (TH), but Total Alkalinity measures the alkaline that can be neutralized by a balanced spa or pool water environment. Total hardness is only one of the factors which dictate Total Alkalinity levels, and those are Calcium and Magnesium. By knowing these things you’ll be able to better understand how Total Alkalinity should be maintained in your hot tub or pools system.

Why not to use supermarket sodium bicarbonate in your spa or pool

There are a number of reasons why you should not use the sodium bicarbonate that you can buy from your supermarket in your spa or pool. Firstly, it does not contain any additives to help stabilize the pH. Secondly, it takes up to 24 hours for the water to heat up and become stable. There are also no instructions on how much sodium bicarbonate to use so it’s hard to control the level of Total Alkalinity of the water. For spas that have sensitive softener resin filters, sodium bicarbonate could cause damage because there is no advice about the correct balance between salt level and Total Alkalinity.

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